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Abundant Life Ministries


Men's Ministry

This ministry includes all of the male members of Abundant Life!  Men’s ministry provides spiritual guidance, encouragement, bible study, and training for all men in the church.  Brethren are taught how to become better husbands, fathers, and leaders in their home and community. We strive to create an atmosphere where men can be real with one another by being open and honest. This is a time for men to share their life’s challenges and how to apply biblical solutions. It’s a time for the young to learn from the wise and the wise to learn from the young.  Activities are annual and include an overnight retreat at Ohio State University's  Spring football game, bumper car racing, video arcades, and bowling just to name a few! 

Abundant Life Women’s Ministry

This ministry offers programs and meetings that minister to the spiritual and natural needs of a woman. The Women’s Ministry host an annual Sisterhood Scholarship Brunch, which awards scholarship dollars to a deserving student involved in ministry at Abundant Life and serve unselfishly in the community.

God’s Prodigy- Youth and Children’s Ministry

This ministry focuses on teaching our youth to understand the love of Christ at an early age. We emphasize God's purpose for them, and how they are called to impact their generation for Jesus Christ.  They are exposed to fun age appropriate activities and  biblical teaching that can be retained and applied to their phase of spiritual development. Our youth are encouraged to be active in their ministry and our community. Our annual youth activities include Vacation Bible School, MLK service day projects, and the Annual Toy Drive for Akron Children’s Hospital.

We Are One - Marriage Ministry

We Are One  -Marriage Ministry is designed for those who are married or engaged to be married. The marriage ministry is designed to empower married or engaged couples to build, sustain and enhance their relationship based on biblical principles. This ministry teaches that marriage is a covenant relationship, a sacred union of a man and woman which fulfills the purpose of God. Couple are taught how to work together in all area of marriage by keeping God at the center of the relationship. The married couples ministry participates in conferences, retreats, and fellowship outings and activities intended to develop and enhance the covenant relationship of marriage ordained by God. 

IMPACT Ministry

Have you ever desired to know the Gifts God has given you?  How to use them and  why it’s important to fulfillyour purpose?  Well, IMPACT is for you! It’s a course for all members of Abundant Life.  This ministry will help you identify the spiritual and natural gifts God has given to you.  You will learn how to effectively use your ministry and advance the Kingdom of God.
You will learn how to put into action what God has designed, destined and called you to be. This teaching series is a practical application of Christian principles for daily living. This class helps you make a smooth transition from visitor to active  member. 

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